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You have opened our web page. We hope that you will find interesting ideas and that you are one of those who want something new or different – because there are already enough average people about.

We are a company that's business is digital printing of large formats. So we are able to create LARGE PHOTOS for you.

If you are a photo enthusiast, then you can, in the era of digital technology, reward yourself with a lot of motifs. You have framed images of your dear ones at the office and the walls are full of great photos instead of art pictures. What else could you do with your photos?

You can stick them on your walls, cars, doors, cupboards…
It depends on your decision what you want and where you want it; we can create a photo enlargement or photo wallpaper, we can print it on self-adhesive foil and we can encapsulate the photo, so that it is better protected. We also use special foils which you can stick on your car or you can order from your joiner a built-in cupboard and instead of normal doors we can make you a print, so that you can hide your cupboard behind an art picture, a photograph or a graphic.
The picture can be semi-mat or glossy, it can be coated with paper on different surfaces – PVC panels or glass, and it can be printed on textile fabrics or on an imitation canvas and if you want, stretched on a frame.

This extensive selection, with different sizes and prints just for you, is only possible because of modern technologies which have made the procedures of creating photos a lot simpler and cheaper. Digital photography ensures a lot more; when you choose a motif, it's possible to adjust the colour shade of the photo, so that the colour shade can correspond to the colour of other walls, it can match your seating accommodation or other furniture. This way you cannot only achieve a harmony of styles, but also a harmony of colours in your home.

Surf our web pages.
Look and discover everything you can afford and become an artist!

For free!

For our customers we offer up to 5 photo simulations free of charge (motif in the photo of our customers space) and free consulting.

Consulting can also be held at your home, but we do charge travel expenses.

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